I, Mark Richardson, Am Proudly Running for the United States House Of Representatives

Ohio's 3rd Congressional District because;

 OH3 Is On A Downward Spiral.

OH3, like America, needs a new direction.   

Poverty Level OH3 2nd Highest In the state

Ohio Drug Deaths plunge 22% but rise in Franklin County

Fatal drug overdoses dropped more than 22% in Ohio last year, the first decline since 2009, and a sign that the state may be turning the corner on the decade-old drug epidemic.

But Franklin County bucked the trend, logging 476 drug deaths last year, the largest toll in the state and up 10% from 2017.

High School Drop Out Rates

High School dropout rates have risen in Columbus city schools, Groveport, and Whitehall. They currently have a D, D, and F rating

Homeless In OH3  

Central Ohio’s homeless rate rising despite the low unemployment rate. The number of homeless jumped 6.9 percent this year to an estimated 1,807 people. The national average is 0.3 percent.  About 31 percent of Franklin County’s homeless were classified as Families, meaning they were in groups that included children.

Opioids in OH3 

9 out of the top 10 Ohio Zip codes opioid overdoses in Ohio are right here in OH3. Ohio drug deaths plunge 22% in 2018 but rise in Franklin County. 

Mr.Richardson a resident of OH3 during the current incumbents' four terms. He has witnessed,  first hand, the incomprehensible neglect of local issues. He is running for office because CONGRESS is BROKEN. Lastest polling from Statista shows that 83% of American citizens feel Congress IS NOT doing the job they were elected into office to do. 


Congress Approval Rating of 17%

America needs a NEW DIRECTION with a new set of leaders. The majority in Congress is on pace to bankrupt the country by various means, increasing spending, running up debt, ruining trade, imposing devastating regulations, butchering the middle class, increasing poverty,

Congressional Approval is dismal because politics in the US has become increasingly factionalized. What has happened over the last twelve years is precisely what James Madison warned us about and tried to circumvent: a single political faction has done its damnedest to solidify a nationwide voting block in order to push through its own agenda, and the individual congresspeople tied up in that block have actively rejected the interests of their own electorates in favor of the interests of the faction. Instead of legislating the issues that are crippling our country they have been ripping Ohio's 3rd Congressional District apart by hyper-partisanship.  Rep Beatty has had four terms to accomplish results that are major issues the constituents of OH3  face every day. We are a country where political leaders can’t even talk to each other, compromise, or get anything done.           

"After the divisiveness and rhetoric of the 2016 elections, I felt the aftermath of what is still going on today. The media continues to create unnecessary anger, party lines are continuing to separate further, and our career political leaders continue to listen with uneducated ears. The current majority in congress is using partisan talking points without utilizing a bipartisan approach: no purpose or plan for a better future". 

There are disparate voices coming from the people of Ohio's 3rd Congressional District. These are people with real-world issues, only to fall on career politicians deaf ears and are met with ridicule and resentment. I've heard the voice for change and know it's my destiny to once again serve. Since already taking an oath to defend our country and its people, the decision to serve and defend those without a voice in Ohio's 3rd Congressional District is one I would proudly make.

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At its core, this campaign is about you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, Email, Text, Phone and let me know what you’re concerned about these days. Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

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